Wedding DJ Trends!

Wedding DJ Trends!

Wedding DJ Trends with the party anywhere, anytime, young and old together way! This is the fastest growing Wedding DJ trend! Now the young, middle aged and old can rock out together in the same room! With the latest craze in Silent Disco parties, Gold Starr Entertainment is one of the first to embark on this phenomenon. Not only is this the funniest sight you ever have seen but it is the most interesting way to party!

Accommodate more guests with more genres of music. Life is all about change and choice, with silent disco parties you can listen to EDM one minute, Pop the next, and Hip Hop the minute after that! When you want to say something to your friend without yelling over booming music filling the room, you can do it by simply lifting your headphones and speaking in a normal tone.

Here’s how it works. There up to 3 live DJ’s in the room, all playing a different genere of music, you are wearing Bluetooth neon lit headphones with various channels each dedicated to an individual DJ. When you want to switch from the DJ playing EDM its as simple as pushing a button on your headphone, when you are ready to switch back, it is as easy as pushing another button.

Party longer with Gold Starr Entertainment! With this new wave of partying, venues don’t have to sweat you about noise ordinances and disturbances of the peace! Now the party don’t quit until you are ready.

A few examples of how it looks: