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Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Holiday Craze!

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Holiday Craze!

Tacky holiday fun at its best! The Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Holiday Craze is the biggest hit of year end parties. Retailers are cashing in on the frenzy of party goers gearing up for these parties where they are adorning themselves in the best of the best of this tacky style.

When planning one of these parties all things being ugly is a must! The invitations, the cake decorations, the prizes, and of course the self-decorated ugly sweaters. And while being ugly is a must, there is one huge exception to the rule; Your entertainment! All things considered no party is a great party with ugly entertainment. The musical entertainment has to be as amazing as it is at all other parties.

Ugly Christmas Sweater

Yes, insist that your DJ wears a super Ugly Christmas sweater but on the contrary the music has to be on point! No if’s and’s or ugly but’s about that!

Ask your entertainment company for an ugly discount for your ugly party and I’m certain you will not end up with an ugly frown! At Gold Starr this time of year and these types of parties are our absolute favorite. We have the best DJ’s, bring the best games, and wear the ugliest sweaters! Call us today and say the magic words “Ugly Sweater” and receive a holiday discount that will save you lots of beautiful cash!