Photo Booth Fun

Photo Booth Fun

Photo Booth Fun! Here comes the bride all dressed in white… This sounds like a scratched record! If you think that sounds boring, imagine the old black suit and tie photographers kneeling as he takes a few very expensive photos of all of your wedding guests.

Think about it, you spend a bounty on a photographer who runs around in circles trying his damdest to capture candid and off guard shots of all of your wedding guests. People eating, dancing, chatting, and walking around. The worst part of this is that these candid shots mean absolutely nothing to your wedding guests because most of your guest will never see them.

Thankfully you and millions of other wedding folks are the wiser. Not only are you reserving Mr. Pro Photographer for capturing your exclusive wedding shots, but you are having fun grabbing these photos without him!

Photo Booth Magic!

Photo booths are the biggest synonym with wedding fun and the best part is that these pics are shared instantly because they are printed or emailed minutes after the shot is taken! Your guests can express themselves with funny hats, crowns, huge moustaches, playing a banjo, or wearing beads!  This is not only so much more fun than the unflattering, unfunny, and unshared photos grabbed by the pro photographer but it is hugely more economical.
One of the most popular things that couples are doing is having a themed wedding and a themed photo booth to match. Imagine for a moment. $1000 for pro shots wasted on candid shots or a few hundred well spent that also double as momentous for your guest to take home with them on that very same night. I think the few hundred makes a whole lot of sense.