Love Your Brides Maid

Love Your Brides Maid

Love Your Brides Maid?

Your wedding day is a day carved out especially for you and your new groom to show the world just how in love you are. The wedding day is such an emotional and tear jerking occasion. Some tears are of joy, some are of sadness, some are of longing for what you have.

For quite some time, I’ve wondered if this lovely day can be any lovelier? If it can be filled with even more love? As a blushing bride, how can we spread the love without raining on our parade of love? And then it came to me! Not out of thin air, but through a video on social media; which is kind of like the same thing; Thin air and Cyberspace?

But anyway! The answer came to me when I saw this video and about fell out on the floor crying. It was the most amazing show of love I had seen at a wedding yet.

Here’s how it went. The wedding happened. All the love and cheers for the bride and groom had filled the day. And then came the time for the bouquet toss. A group of the hopeful ladies crowded onto the dance floor behind the bride. There was about 30 women on that dance floor, but there was one very special one there in particular, The Maid of Honor, who had been longing to get married to her longtime boyfriend. The bride proceeded to pretend to fling the bouquet over her shoulder but did the old bait and switch.

She turned and handed the beautiful bouquet directly to her Maid of Honor, who needless to say, found this to be a great surprise. A moment later, the Maid of Honor’s longtime boyfriend dropped down on bended knee and proposed to her right then and there on the dance floor! The Maid of Honor screeched and cried yes, yes, yes!surprise-proposal

The crowd burst into cheers and I burst into tears, as will your beloved Brides Maid or Maid of Honor should you decide to show this much love at your wedding. I must say this was a great one, and you know what? This idea doesn’t only go for the ladies, it works perfectly with the fellas too. So give it a try, you will certainly change someone’s life! Take a look for yourself, Surprise Proposal.