Cutest Ring Bearer Ever!

Cutest Ring Bearer Ever!

The Cutest Ring Bearer Ever!

Boy oh boy! What a difficult choice. With so many cute little boys in your family, how do you pick just one? There is your little brother, your little nephews, your tiny twin cousins, what a sticky spot you’re in! At Gold Starr we say think out of the old ring-box and get creative.

Yes, we realize that there is only one ring box but that doesn’t mean you have to have only one bearer participant.

Here’s the plan!

Pick the most responsible 3 year old you can find and then surround him with a few “Bearer Body Guards”. Not only will you spread the love amongst the little hero’s in your family, but your wedding guests will absolutely love the sight of this! There is nothing cuter than “A Ring Bearer Secret Service” strutting down the aisle carrying the precious stones needing to make a safe and lifelong landing to your fingers, so make it count!

Give us your thoughts on this plan and send us some pics of your Ring Bearer Secret Service!