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Best Engagement Photos

Best Engagement Photos

Best Engagement Photos

Who determines the Best Engagement Photos? It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. But how many words are there in a picture of true love? a million, ten million? We all have been asking that question for years and don’t think anyone has ever come up with a real answer. The only real answer is all in the eyes of the beholder. Love, and the number of words in the picture of true love is all very personal and unique to the interpreter.
Telling the tale with champagne toasts and kind gestures, hugs and kisses at the alter, and first dance and final songs played at the end of the night only tell part of the story.
But what about where it all begins? How about telling the story from the moment of proposal, through engagement, and just before hitting rose petal carpeted aisle of the chapel? We at Gold Starr Entertainment have come to realize that there is an undeniable way to do just that. Tell your true love story with photos and let your audience’s imagination count the words of what true love looks like to them through your photos.
Plan ahead. Set the stage. Hire a life photographer that will follow your true love story and paint it with spontaneous, beautiful, and heartfelt photos. Share them on a slideshow during your wedding reception or frame them and use them as center piece accents at your guests tables.
Let us know what you think. How many words are there in a picture of true love. Comment below with your true love story and your creative ideas for engagement photos.
Cutest Ring Bearer Ever!

Cutest Ring Bearer Ever!

The Cutest Ring Bearer Ever!

Boy oh boy! What a difficult choice. With so many cute little boys in your family, how do you pick just one? There is your little brother, your little nephews, your tiny twin cousins, what a sticky spot you’re in! At Gold Starr we say think out of the old ring-box and get creative.

Yes, we realize that there is only one ring box but that doesn’t mean you have to have only one bearer participant.

Here’s the plan!

Pick the most responsible 3 year old you can find and then surround him with a few “Bearer Body Guards”. Not only will you spread the love amongst the little hero’s in your family, but your wedding guests will absolutely love the sight of this! There is nothing cuter than “A Ring Bearer Secret Service” strutting down the aisle carrying the precious stones needing to make a safe and lifelong landing to your fingers, so make it count!

Give us your thoughts on this plan and send us some pics of your Ring Bearer Secret Service!

Photo Booth Fun

Photo Booth Fun

Photo Booth Fun! Here comes the bride all dressed in white… This sounds like a scratched record! If you think that sounds boring, imagine the old black suit and tie photographers kneeling as he takes a few very expensive photos of all of your wedding guests.

Think about it, you spend a bounty on a photographer who runs around in circles trying his damdest to capture candid and off guard shots of all of your wedding guests. People eating, dancing, chatting, and walking around. The worst part of this is that these candid shots mean absolutely nothing to your wedding guests because most of your guest will never see them.

Thankfully you and millions of other wedding folks are the wiser. Not only are you reserving Mr. Pro Photographer for capturing your exclusive wedding shots, but you are having fun grabbing these photos without him!

Photo Booth Magic!

Photo booths are the biggest synonym with wedding fun and the best part is that these pics are shared instantly because they are printed or emailed minutes after the shot is taken! Your guests can express themselves with funny hats, crowns, huge moustaches, playing a banjo, or wearing beads!  This is not only so much more fun than the unflattering, unfunny, and unshared photos grabbed by the pro photographer but it is hugely more economical.
One of the most popular things that couples are doing is having a themed wedding and a themed photo booth to match. Imagine for a moment. $1000 for pro shots wasted on candid shots or a few hundred well spent that also double as momentous for your guest to take home with them on that very same night. I think the few hundred makes a whole lot of sense.
Top 10 Wedding Reception Songs 2016

Top 10 Wedding Reception Songs 2016

Top 10 Wedding Reception Songs 2016

2106 was a huge year for some of the greatest songs of all time. Songs with light, heavy, fun, sexy, and spunky themes. The reception dinner songs have remained pretty much the same year after year – Frank Sinatra, Lionel Richie, Celine Dion- but the after dinner songs are ever changing and moving to new tunes. Yes there will always be the infamous Y.M.C.A by the Village People and Material Girl by Madonna as “all crowd” entertainment but luckily for us we get to experience spinning what’s considered current and representative of the now! But is it really?

Here are the top 10 wedding reception songs of 2016:

  1. Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars  – Uptown Funk
  2. Journey  – Don’t Stop Believing
  3. Whitney Houston – I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who loves Me)
  4. Walk the Moon – Shut Up and Dance
  5. Taylor Swift – Shake It Off
  6. Pharrell Williams – Happy
  7. Neil Diamond – Sweet Caroline
  8. Cupid- Cupid Shuffle
  9. Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud
  10. Black Eye Peas – I Gotta Feeling

As you can see, the most loved songs were not all created in 2016. Now we enter the wedding season for 2017 and can only wonder how many of these hits will find themselves on the most requested list. At Gold Starr Entertainment we are curious about your thought. Be a DJ for now and comment below. Which songs from the 2016 list will make it onto the 2017 most loved songs.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Holiday Craze!

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Holiday Craze!

Tacky holiday fun at its best! The Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Holiday Craze is the biggest hit of year end parties. Retailers are cashing in on the frenzy of party goers gearing up for these parties where they are adorning themselves in the best of the best of this tacky style.

When planning one of these parties all things being ugly is a must! The invitations, the cake decorations, the prizes, and of course the self-decorated ugly sweaters. And while being ugly is a must, there is one huge exception to the rule; Your entertainment! All things considered no party is a great party with ugly entertainment. The musical entertainment has to be as amazing as it is at all other parties.

Ugly Christmas Sweater

Yes, insist that your DJ wears a super Ugly Christmas sweater but on the contrary the music has to be on point! No if’s and’s or ugly but’s about that!

Ask your entertainment company for an ugly discount for your ugly party and I’m certain you will not end up with an ugly frown! At Gold Starr this time of year and these types of parties are our absolute favorite. We have the best DJ’s, bring the best games, and wear the ugliest sweaters! Call us today and say the magic words “Ugly Sweater” and receive a holiday discount that will save you lots of beautiful cash!

An Everlasting Impression- with music!

An Everlasting Impression- with music!

The most amazing time of your life will always leave An Everlasting Impression. The season for festive affairs and celebrations of another year that has come and will soon pass. The holiday season is the time of year when people come together and celebrate with exciting cheer! Corporate holiday parties are growing as fast as the furry of snow falling in the North Pole. It’s the time when work and home comes together, where loved ones meet and mingle with their friends and partners co-workers as they come together for the perfect reason.

Having food, games, prizes and special gifts is great but having the perfect music is the star atop the Christmas tree, the flame on the Hanukah candle, and the fruit in the Kwanza basket! At Gold Starr Entertainment we love the holiday season as much as like little children love waking up to gifts on their family’s holiday gift giving morning, this is why we have such an amazing reputation for entertaining at holiday parties all over Southern California. Mixing holiday favorites with old, new, and top 40 music for every event makes for a perfect bang for the biggest and best holiday celebrations!

Wedding DJ Trends!

Wedding DJ Trends!

Wedding DJ Trends with the party anywhere, anytime, young and old together way! This is the fastest growing Wedding DJ trend! Now the young, middle aged and old can rock out together in the same room! With the latest craze in Silent Disco parties, Gold Starr Entertainment is one of the first to embark on this phenomenon. Not only is this the funniest sight you ever have seen but it is the most interesting way to party!

Accommodate more guests with more genres of music. Life is all about change and choice, with silent disco parties you can listen to EDM one minute, Pop the next, and Hip Hop the minute after that! When you want to say something to your friend without yelling over booming music filling the room, you can do it by simply lifting your headphones and speaking in a normal tone.

Here’s how it works. There up to 3 live DJ’s in the room, all playing a different genere of music, you are wearing Bluetooth neon lit headphones with various channels each dedicated to an individual DJ. When you want to switch from the DJ playing EDM its as simple as pushing a button on your headphone, when you are ready to switch back, it is as easy as pushing another button.

Party longer with Gold Starr Entertainment! With this new wave of partying, venues don’t have to sweat you about noise ordinances and disturbances of the peace! Now the party don’t quit until you are ready.

A few examples of how it looks:

The Best Wedding DJs in Southern California

The Best Wedding DJs in Southern California

Best Wedding DJs!

Not only does Gold Starr Entertainment have the best Wedding DJs in Southern California, but many have said that we have the best DJs in California! Often times we encounter couples who have no idea what a real wedding DJ is and finding themselves confused or near hiring an ordinary DJ. Because so many are under the impression of there being no difference between the ordinary and extraordinary we are here to educate you. There is absolutely a huge difference between an ordinary DJ and an extraordinary Wedding DJ.

Ordinary DJ

The ordinary DJ is a guy or gal who shows up ready to play a recycled and prerecorded playlist where they may insert a tune or two upon a special request during your wedding reception. Transition, Tempo and Excitement is key! The extraordinary Wedding DJ is quite the opposite. Unlike the ordinary, your wedding DJ will prepare a custom reception playlist based upon your unique playlist with a live set complete with professional moments of master of ceremony excitement.

Your extraordinary Wedding DJ is so very important to the successful functionality of your wedding and reception because he or she is actually the lead taker and dictator of the smoothness of your wedding and reception. A professional and seamless wedding and reception is what every couple deserves, so do yourself a huge favor; instead of saving a few dollars by booking an ordinary DJ. Save yourself a huge amount of disappointment and stress which is priceless for your special day. By spending your money wisely and book one of our extraordinary best wedding DJs who is also a Master of Ceremony you will experience a magical and whimsical wedding and reception of your dreams!